Pastor Jeff Perry - Weekly Pastor's Letter Blog

Help People.

Service International was founded by Jeff Perry in 1985 as a support agency for missionaries and other charitable organizations, but the 1993 flood brought a new focus. SI headquarters were flooded too and, like other businesses in the Valley, they had to decide to give up or rebuild. SI chose not only to rebuild but to be a driving force behind the Valley's restoration, coordinating over 8,000 volunteers from the region and providing $350,000 in resources to help families and businesses clean up the muck and destruction and rebuild.

That was just the beginning for SI and its network of faithful volunteers. With the expertise gained from this personal disaster, SI is now reaching into devastated communities around the world--in places like St. Louis, New Orleans, Biloxi, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Kosovo--providing leadership training; coordinating volunteers and materials; rebuilding homes, schools, churches, and businesses; and bringing help and hope to people who need it most.